Frankenstein Lovey Pattern

So after releasing a few more patterns (I’ll be posting a new post with all those patterns in it), I asked my fans what new pattern they would like to see. The response from one fan was a Frankenstein Lovey. She also asked for a couple other loveys and I will try to deliver on those soon, but I wanted to do the Frankenstein Lovey first since Halloween is just around the corner.

So here it is:



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Block Slouch Released!

It is official. The pattern for my Block Slouch has been released. You can find the pattern in the following places:




As you know, we are still adding items to my actual website, but it will be added there soon. 

String with Style Pattern Test

I signed up to be a tester for String with Style’s newest pattern, Diamond Weave Hat. It features diamond ridging and a flower. It worked up pretty nicely too.

Diamond Weave Test

This hat will soon be listed for sale. I want to wait for the final pattern to be released though. If you would like to order it now, I will take order without it being listed.


Block Slouch Finished

Yesterday, I sent my newest pattern out to testers. Results need to be in by Sunday, so I’m hoping for pattern release on Monday, April 8th.

I really like this slouch hat. It is perfect for springtime because it is breathable. It can easily be done in multiple colors or just one! I am excited to see the colors the testers use.


Keep an eye out for the pattern release soon!


Bottle Pouch *Free Pattern*



This pattern is one of my favorites and is currently my only free pattern. I have another free pattern in the works though!


  • Worsted weight cotton yarn
  • I hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Large button

Gauge is not necessary for this product.


  • CH = Chain
  • ST = Stitch
  • SLST = Slip stitch
  • SC = Single crochet
  • DC = Double crochet



Round 1:      Start with a magic circle (or CH 3, join w/ SLST). CH 2, DC 12 in circle, join to first DC. (12)

Round 2:      CH 2, 2 DC in each DC around. (24)

Round 3:      CH 1, SC in same ST. CH 3, skip next ST, *SC in next ST, CH 3, skip next ST* repeat from * to * around ending with CH 3.

Now, work in continuous rounds, do not join until noted.

Round 4:      SC in first CH-3 space, *CH 3, sc in next CH-3 space,* repeat from * to * around.

Rnd 5-12:     *CH 3, SC in next CH-3 space,* repeat around. Add more rounds if taller bottle is being used. (Reminder: the cotton will stretch out)

Round 13:    SC in next CH-3 space, *SC in next SC, 2 SC in CH-3 space,* repeat around, join to first SC. (36)

Round 14:    CH 1, SC in next 17 ST, CH 15 (forms button hole), SC in next 18 ST, join to first SC.

Round 15:    CH 1, SLST in next 6 ST. CH 2, DC in next 3 ST. *CH 1, turn, SC in next 3 ST. CH 2, turn, DC in next 3 ST.* Repeat until desired length for handle is acquired.

                   Attach to opposite side with a SLST in each ST.

                   SLST around to first SLST of the round. Join.

Fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew button on.


Thank you for checking out my free pattern!